Call to Action

A Philosophical Call to Action: Forging a Future Uniting Citizen James and Workers First

In the harmonious marriage of Citizen James’ visionary leadership essentials, the unwavering commitment of Workers First, and the principles of our political doctrine, we find the catalyst for transformative change. This call to action is more than a plea; it is an invitation to transcend the ordinary and embrace a future built on the foundation of strength, equality, and the well-being of all.

Leadership for a New Era: Citizen James reminds us that leadership is the North Star, a guiding light. It beckons us to measure strength as effective power and to lead with transparency, openness, and fairness. We boldly declare “The NEW WAY Forward,” weaving together economic forces, politics, education, and faith.

Cooperative Capitalism and Workers’ Rights: Workers First stands as the bedrock of this movement, championing the rights of workers. Together, we foster cooperative capitalism, amassing wealth and power not as ends in themselves, but as means to achieve ever-increasing strength and freedom for every citizen.

A Political Doctrine of Empowerment: Our political doctrine unveils the truth that the State is the combined community of its citizens. As citizens, it is our duty to seek wealth and power, not for their sake alone, but for the pursuit of collective strength and freedom. The State is representative, responsible, and ever-conscious of the well-being of its people and their territory and interests.

Unity in Diversity: Workers’ rights, including the right to form unions, are not only fundamental but an embodiment of democratic representation. The State’s power is the collective will of its citizens, reflecting the many, the few, and the one. Leadership emerges through the unity of our diverse community, where government of the people is more than a concept; it is our shared responsibility.

Wealth and Power for All: Wealth and power are tools for achieving a higher purpose. Our State uses them to express ever-increasing strength and freedom for, by, and through the combined community of its citizens. This journey calls forth the best in each citizen, those who have sought wealth and power for the betterment of all.

The Visionary Future: This call to action resonates with Citizen James’ ideals and the Workers First movement. It is a bridge to a future where leadership is not a privilege but a collective duty, where wealth and power serve the well-being of every citizen.

Peace, Security, and Timeless Rights: We affirm that peace and security are paramount. As we preserve and extend our territory, our State remains everlasting, grounded in the timeless political and government right that is ever-present in the now.

This is a call to action, not just for one, but for all. Together, we face our past, our present, and the limitless potential of our future with a shared vision, knowledge, courage, and resolute action. We envision a society where every worker is empowered, every citizen is a leader, and the State is the embodiment of their collective strength and freedom. Join us on this transformative journey, where the Workers First vision unites with the legacy of Citizen James to forge a brighter, more equitable tomorrow for all.