We, the members of the Workers First Party, in recognition of the universal principles of justice, equality, and the fundamental rights of workers, hereby establish and adopt this Constitution to guide our actions, uphold our values, and advance our shared mission.

As descendants of generations of toil and resilience, we have witnessed the imbalances within our societies, where wealth and power too often remain concentrated in the hands of the few. We have experienced the struggles of workers, their families, and their communities, as they confront economic disparities, labor injustices, and threats to their well-being.

In response to these challenges, we stand united under the banner of the Workers First Party. Our vision is a world where workers’ rights are not only respected but celebrated, where economic justice is the foundation of all policies, and where the dignity of labor is paramount.

Our mission is to champion the rights of workers, advocate for economic equality, and create a just society where all can flourish. We aim to build a political party that reflects the aspirations of workers and provides a platform for their voices to be heard. We are committed to promoting fair wages, accessible healthcare, quality education, and an environment free from fear and oppression.

With unwavering dedication, we embark on this journey, bound by our shared values of unity, solidarity, and the unwavering belief that by putting workers first, we will forge a brighter future for all.

This Constitution serves as the guiding light for our actions, the embodiment of our principles, and the roadmap to our collective success. Together, we pledge to work tirelessly, fearlessly, and with boundless determination for a world where every worker is recognized, valued, and empowered to lead.

May this constitution be a testament to our commitment and a beacon of hope for the workers we represent. In the pursuit of economic justice and a brighter future for all, we stand together, for we are the Workers First Party.