Workers First Party Basic Platform

Article I: Guaranteed Pensions

  1. We advocate for a robust pension system that provides all workers with a guaranteed income after retirement, ensuring financial security and dignity in their later years.
  2. The Workers First Party is committed to establishing and maintaining pension programs that are accessible, reliable, and based on contributions from both employers and employees.

Article II: Fully Funded Healthcare

  1. We believe in a comprehensive and fully funded healthcare system that provides accessible, affordable, and high-quality medical services for all citizens.
  2. The Workers First Party is dedicated to ensuring that healthcare is a fundamental right, and we will work to remove financial barriers to medical care.

Article III: Public Education

  1. We are strong proponents of a well-funded public education system that provides quality learning opportunities for all, from early childhood to higher education.
  2. The Workers First Party will support and strengthen public schools, colleges, and universities, ensuring equal access to education and the eradication of educational disparities.

Article IV: Continuous Infrastructure Improvements

  1. We recognize the critical importance of infrastructure for economic development, job creation, and overall societal well-being.
  2. The Workers First Party is committed to the ongoing development, maintenance, and enhancement of infrastructure, including transportation, utilities, and digital networks.

Article V: The No Fear Revolution

  1. The Workers First Party stands for the No Fear Revolution, a movement focused on building a society free from fear and insecurity.
  2. We aim to create a society where workers are not held back by fear of unemployment, exploitation, discrimination, or violence.

In adhering to the Workers First Party Basic Platform, we pledge to prioritize the rights and well-being of workers, striving for a society where guaranteed pensions, fully funded healthcare, public education, continuous infrastructure improvements, and the No Fear Revolution are central to our policies and principles.